The Rush

by Rootwords

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Rootwords' debut album THE RUSH was released in 2014 in Switzerland on the 28th of March and in France on the 8th of April. This project reveals a rich urban sound with modern influences of hip-hop, soul and reggae. In this album, Rootwords firmly grasps the sounds he blends by reflecting a world that is in constant expansion, where there are no boarders, and where people interlock. On the second song of the album, "Keep On", he journeys to a land of electric hip-hop, where furious guitars and explicit rhymes blend perfectly. Right after, with the calmness of "Mwansa" or the funky rhythm of "Cold Crush", we submerge into a groovier universe, pleasuring the admirers of the first years of the movement. We then take a sharp turn south with "Freedom Of Speech", between reggae and hip-hop, embellished by the warm Jamaican voice of Denham Smith in the chorus: the fans of this genre will not be disappointed.


released April 8, 2014

All tracks produced by Kinyama Sounds
Recorded by Nicolas Duboux and Stan Breynaert
Mixed by Nicolas Duboux

With the participation of Stéphane “Redbioul” Buhler

Mastering by Greg Dubuis (Studio du Flon)

All Instruments performed by Stan Breynaert, except :
• Keep On - Strings programming/Stéphane Buhler, Rhodes/Nicolas Duboux
• Mwansa - Drums/Yoann Julliard, Programming/Stéphane Buhler, Scratches/Dj Toots
• Cold Crush - Synth/Thierry Corboz, FX programming/Nicolas Duboux
• The Box - FX programming/Stéphane Buhler
• Heavy Work Load - FX programming/Stéphane Buhler and Nicolas Duboux
• Deep - Drums/Yoann Julliard
• Your Game - Drums/Yoann Julliard, Saxophone/Romain Tinguely-Mabillard
• Get Busy - Programming, Keyboard/Stéphane Buhler, Saxophone/Romain Tinguely-Mabillard

Artwork : Joha’ Pellaz / GVAMOVMNT

©2014 Kinyama Records



all rights reserved


Rootwords Switzerland

Rootwords was born in the United States, of Zambian origin, and grew up in Switzerland, where he has become notorious. "A world citizen rapper" is a good way to define the aesthetics of this artist who, through his texts and music, expresses his attachment to multiculturalism, diversity, and the world in general. ... more

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Track Name: Keep On
They try to say I can’t be this or I can’t be that
They try to say I can’t do this or I can’t do that
They try to say there ain’t no way for me to be
Me in this world today
So let me show ‘em how I play

I play it cool and relaxed like it don’t mean nothing
I take my time
With the scope
And the dope beam hunting
I rock it sick
To the clock
With the slick tick-tocking
Ahead quick before the dot
So fuck the knock-knock-knocking
Head bumping
Heart pumping when I’m in the street
My feet stomp into the concrete right to the beat
I’m in the drivers seat
I’m in this deep
It’s bitter sweet
Until the day I sleep

I keep on climbing till the day I reach my peak
And I ain’t never goin’ stop until I get what I seek
Sometimes this life will make you wonder who you are
Fill you up with doubt especially when you’re taking it far
One for the money
Two for the show
Three to get the honey
And fo’ to get some mo’
Oh ! Thats what I came here fo’ !
Oh ! Thats what I came here fo’ !

I don’t roll for dolo
No man is an island
But when I leave this earth
You know I’ll do it solo
That’s how I move and I understand
Show them the right
But keep the ace buried in my other hand
I’ve canned several plans and ideas
And did all this to elevate with my peers
So if I’m driven to shift gears
It means I need to catch up
To lock shit down and keep the latch up


Don’t always know where I’m going
I keep my head up and straight ahead
Got too much pride to sit and beg
I’ld rather stand on my own two feet
With everything or without
Clutching onto hope
Crushing the doubt
In my circumference
Mind-state tough like pumped fists
Keep my anger under control …
But still crunch and toast enemies like crumpets
No matter how dubious life’s scenario gets

They try to say I can’t be this or I can’t be that
They try to say I can’t do this or I can’t do that
They try to say there ain’t no way for me
To be me in this world today
So let me show ‘em how I play
They try to say I can’t be this
So I be it
They try to say I can’t do this
So I do it
They try to say there ain’t no way for me
To be me in this world today
So let me show ‘em how I play
Track Name: Freedom of Speech feat. Denham Smith
Watch how the system a’ romp wit we
Woy …
Talking word and dem senseless mi know dey don’t mean it
No no no no no no no …

Free your mind …
Some a’ dem nah want hear mi talk
And nah want see mi prosper
Free your mind …
Some a’ dem nah want see mi face broadcast pon dem media
Only wanna see us down
They only wanna see us frownz
Free your mind …
Freedom of speech

What is the justice in killing an innocent child
I don’t feel just when I picture his venomous smile
Where is the trust when they running round with
Muskets to bust kids
Trigger happy, feeding and breeding injustice
It keeps getting worse as the world spins
The problem never ends
‘Dem people they not my friends
They bend laws
Then they mend them
Mash up the 5th amendment
Not to mention the 14th
They profile and front
Do whatever they want
In the name of the law
Try to pop-chop my lion paw
So I can’t even claw to my human rights
I see the flaw
When it’s only my jaw
That can put up a fight
But even if I talk it doesn’t mean I’ll walk
At least I’m in the court and not outlined in chalk
Right ?
Affirmative action
At least I got support
But don’t budge
I wonder if the judge or the jury was bought

I’d take your rules and regulations
If they weren’t based on segregation
Separation, discrimination and race relations
I’m all for peace, love
And all of that good stuff
So please give me more of that ’cause I can’t get enough
I’ve had enough of your lies, spies
Enemies in disguise
Who try to hypnotize and dim out the cries
Of the people
I see you through the looking glass
The peephole
With the eye of an eagle
‘Dem man not equal !
To anything that God teach
Even if you ain’t atheist you won’t listen to what they preach
My words screech through the streets like their sirens
I’ll never ever get locked up
In my dreams
I flow streams of thought
For the people who be needing support
In this world where they killing for sport
One by one we drop-drop-drop
When the guns blow
And they pop-pop-pop


Can’t take the vibes way a’ gwaan
[Dem' dey tings] A’ separation dat nuh nice iya
Can’t take the vibes way a’ gwaan
Discrimination dat nuh right iya
Rasta, only wanna live in peace
Iy, only wanna live in peace
Ohh …
Watch how the system a’ romp wit we
Track Name: The Box
They tried to put me in a box
But I can’t be contained
They chopped my locks
Then the next day it rained
I burst out the box when the floodgates where broken
The guard said he thought I was joking
But the jokes on …
Put me in a box
But I can’t be contained
Chop my locks
Then next day it rains
I burst out the box when the floodgates were broken
The judge said he thought I was joking
But the jokes on …

Him or her
Those to which I refer
Prefer to see me shackled and locked down you ‘hurr’
They concur with the system and I don’t
Behave like the modern day slave that I won’t
Associate myself with
In any shape form or pattern
They’re the same ones who blew up Manhattan
For which team are you battin’
You’re full of shit
I had enough of your chattin’
I’m the black Davy Jones with the Kracken
Lets get to crackin’


You …
I’m crackin’
Breaking your laws
Exposing you for each n’
All of your flaws
I slide up your pyramid scheme
Illuminate the unilluminated
Turn your light to mere a gleam
The remora fish swimming up of your slipstream
Ha ha
Catch me if you can …
I know you probably wanna make me disappear
‘Cause I don’t bow down to no man
Swinging with the axe of Conan
Briggitte holding my hand
Fuck institutions the whole shit is a scam
You dummy
Them politics
Just bollux and tricks
Thats why I got respect for all the hippies in the sticks


The jokes on you