Warning Signs

by Rootwords

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After The Rush, his first album released in March 2014, and numerous concerts in the four corners of the world (Peru, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia, China, Switzerland, France, etc.), ROOTWORDS, with pure sincerity, veered to express his sentiments of the world. His travel experiences has permitted him to take the back seat in relation to certain re-accruing subjects in hip-hop, keeping his ego at bay, while focusing on more real and profound reflections.

The instrumentals in Warning Signs are intricately fabricated, rich in sound, profound and intense, in the image of what the artist himself has become. He adapts his rhymes and flows doing justice to the unconstrained beats, composed by the Block Notes, with the occasional help of Swiss producer Yvan Peacemaker (“A Matter of Time”, the first single revealed in December 2017).

On this project, ROOTWORDS chose to invite two artists that he had met along his musical and cultural journey : the Chinese freestyle champion J-Fever and the avant-garde Durban South African Robin Thirdfloor, from Umlazi – the fourth largest township in South Africa.

This new album is a concentration of energy and sincerity, a beacon to the illusions and lies perpetrated by man, and it is on the stage that ROOTWORDS intends to proclaim his vision of the world, by spontaneous communication that is alive and rich in vibrations. Ring the alarm !


released March 23, 2018

Recorded and mixed by
Nicolas Duboux and Stan Breynaert (Kinyama Sounds)

Mastered by
Dan Suter (Echochamber)

Produced by
Stan Breynaert and Nicolas Duboux (Kinyama Sounds), Julio Mwansa Nkowane (Rootwords)

With the support from
Association The Block Productions, Pro Helvetia, FMC, Ville de Meyrin, Ville de Lancy

Layout and artwork by
Thomas Perrodin

Special thanks to:
Willy and Greg from Gexplosion, Eric Mermod from MyMusicRights
Yvan Peacemaker, Lad Agabekov, Dan Suter, Rosie Holloway,
Sinisa Vacic a.k.a. Fat Daddy, J-Fever, Robin Thirdfloor,
Tshepang Ramoba, Guillaume Megevand, Thomas Perrodin,
John Aram, Tobias Clerc, Franck de Froment,
and my fellows from The Block Notes !!!

(C) & (P) 2018 Kinyama Records


all rights reserved



Rootwords Switzerland

Described as “Hip Hop Elegante” by the program director of Peru’s largest music festival, the artist ROOTWORDS has earned a reputation for performing a repertoire of high stature, with an absolute commitment to communicating the essence of music at it’s most organic level. ... more

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Track Name: Warning Signs
Warning Signs

I remember back in the day rhyming in obscure basements
Jam packed with real rap no room for making fake statements
Exercising extreme caution when flexing on mics
With a display of stamina intangible to the bite
You and I
We are not alike
We're not
One in the same
Think of this record as a western flick
I'll pop one in your brain
My six shooter will outmanoeuvre you
Bars linked with skills bass drums licks and keys
That's how I turn bricks to g's
"Can I get a picture please ?"
Is what she said for a gram
I said seen
I'm the sugar man
I bring the
Colour to your dreams
She screams
With joy
Like the crowd do when I blast of
I'm on the asphalt like
"Ahoy whats up !"
I've landed
The left handed
Candid bandit
Put your world in a chokehold and slammed it
I caught you by surprise
This ain't no sucker punch
I just opened your eyes
Track Name: Clockwork

[Verse I]

Damn right
I'm back on the road
I got ya
Head banging like it's about to explode
I got ya
Chick cracking for me breaking your code
And I ain't even macking
She just recognise what you're lacking
Let's go !
Mad Max ...
Full Throttle ...
Gold Nuts ...
Bing Lotto !
Never strike out
Home run
Smash-whip like Jackie Robinson
Spinning since the beginning the feeling is ill
Grinning like a villain who keeps sinning but chill
I ain't here to rob your ass blind
It's more like give you a close encounter
The fourth kind


Bang !
Hit like the hammer when I speak my mind
Bang !
It’s clockwork when I'm on my grind
Bang !
You'll see me moving in time
Bang-Bang !
It's clockwork when I'm on my grind

[Verse II]

Hot !
Let's box like kangaroos
I don't rest stop to hang with fools
Drop !
Dismantle your damaged tools
When I clap back you loose
Bang !
Bang-Bang !
I'm breaking all the rules
Rebel wild
Devil child
Sound pushed up to the red
Revel crowd
Level loud !

Sending these notes into the heavens
I cock these four-fours like a corrupt reverend
I flow in dojos chopping up with the bredrin
So when I see my enemies I'm visualising their ending
This is the diary of a mad man written in blood
The evidence was washed away in the flood
Bugged ...
After long nights of hitting the bud
He slowly started to hate what he used to love

Track Name: A Matter of Time
A Matter of Time

[Verse I]

Yea !
I got you rooting for me
Rootwords for president
I got you shooting for me
I'll pull a Kanye on my fans
And ask Mark Zuckerberg to help me stack up on my bands
I need my 53 mil' to get me back in the matrix cause I done popped a blue pill
I need my
Grammy for real
I'm gone call up Taylor Swift and tell that mammy to chill
I'm funding my Blue Steel
I'm gunning for you still
I'm running I'm too ill
Got a hundred and two deals ...

That's why my pockets are slim
You make it hard for me to win

You support fake Jesus' on the internet
Promoting wiggerdom
And dumb niggers who stay illiterate

So I get pushed to the back of the bus

Cause I ain't doing this for likes

You're like;
“We can't get him a deal with Nike 'cause he's too dark”
“Listen to the conversations that he spark !”


Riding softly on my own way ...
I lay my heart
On display ...

Wonder if they hear what I say ...
But I’ll make it, anyway ...

It's just a matter of time

[Verse II]

Who wan’ test ?
I am a band apart

I’m like Quentin Tarantino's art

A script you never thought of before

That's why I roam free like Django
You get caught at the door

I came to settle the score
I don't get blinded by the light when I'm walking your corridor

I keep minding my own life
You keep talking just to ignore
The fact that you insecure
Weak and unsure

Get a grip !
I try to stay pure
Handle my biz
Be an example to the kids

Holding it down till they bury me underground
But wait !
No need to hurry it's a blessing to be around


[Verse III]

And the haters say;

“Who that who that ?
You had a chance and you blew that !
I thought you knew that
You couldn't get through that
Without playing the game
Or folding to the obstacles they laid out in your lane
Such a shame !
All that talent wasted
A visionary who misplaced it !

Blinded by the limelight and hint of success that you tasted ...

Now that it's almost over
I wonder if you'll jump ship like refugees in Dover

Where you gonna run to ?
Where you gonna run to ?!
When you run out of love and ain't nobody want you ?
Once hot now cold
You popped you flopped
You're old
Your jewels corrode
Your fancy stones erode ...”

It's a moment of clarity when it hits
I don't like to call it insanity but it fits
Perfect in my picture frame
And if I live twice I'll do it again !

Track Name: No Filter
No Filter

[Verse I]

They say I'm conscience
I'm like “Fuck that ! That's nonsense !”
In London
I once did some shit like stand in front of cops
With a quarter ounces in my pockets to see if I get stopped
I push my limits a lot
My life is real with no gimmicks to mock
The right hook from my pops
Couldn't level me from keeping the system in headlocks
Competition keep hedging on dead stocks
While me ?
I'm moving ahead of the red dot
We ain't working the same block !
Figure it out from the juice that the name got


“Underground when we step on the scene”
“I've had plenty of experience”
“Burn mics to third degrees”
“But let's skip the formalities”
“Far from commercial or even mainstream”

[Verse II]
My arrogance got some bent out of shape
They say they hear the devil talking when they play back the tape
I'm like dog
Reverse that and it's God
And I'm the latter you snob
The fuck you thought I was counting on your applause ?!
I'm hyped and charged like Troi Torain
You think you men
But you boys are lame
The music that you make is a noisy shame
Even your choice of dame
Is at your funeral rejoicing pain
From outside of the arc
You miss
Now fade away into dark (nigga)

Track Name: Bad Bitch
Bad Bitch

[Verse I]

She don't even do duck face on Facebook
Screw-face when she gets looks
Her set's wild when the bass cooks
She's mean
It's something that's in her genes
A role model
But not the type that gleam in a magazine
Her soul’s clean
But she's rock n roll dirty
She can blues sometimes
In yet she choose to act Shirley if you test too much
She got that UFC step and touch
So I suggest you never press your luck
She's bad !
Got her own style
Not a part of a fad
When she read the mag it ain't even making her sad
She just laugh it off
It's only in front of her man she's soft
And even then you'll have to ask "who's boss?"
She rules
By giving them
Same as her women friends
They're like a pack of wolves
Fuck all the linen and fur
That's her
She's so down to earth
That when she walk
Bitches see her confidence and get hurt


That's my woman my girl
She's the one I rule the world with
She's what you call a bad bitch
I bet you never had this
That's my woman my girl
She's the one I rule the world with
I bet you never had this
She's what you call a bad bitch

[Verse II]

I can do crime and she won't snitch
She stays right by my side even if she's branded a witch
She's in-credible
Out of this planet
Hard to the core like granite
An alien on mars she landed
Yea !
Outstanding can best describe her behaviour
Yea !
She's a God my broad-Queen my saviour
Yea !
In her kitchen she's always mixing up flavours
Yea - Yea !
She smells good
It's even attracting the neighbours


And that's precisely where things can go left
And pear shaped
I think I warned her on the first date
It can be costly
I'm the alpha male
So don't you dare cross me !
You better think twice before you touch my woman !
Here's the deal
I fight for dominance
Hippopotamus elephant seal !
I crush the competition into mush
Challenge anyone who push
Cause I'm the King of the bush !

Track Name: The Great Wall feat. J-Fever
The Great Wall feat. J-Fever

Let’s begin
湖面开始泛起波澜 “Wu Wu”
Chinese Rap
Track Name: Children's Story
Children's Story

[Verse I]

It sounds nice – but it's disgusting...
It's like
Roast beef to a vegetarian
Melanin to an Aryan
Or a bonus check for a fucking politician !
Huh -
It's bullshit listen
I can smell the stink from outside of the kitchen
“What you cooking up ?”
Bog ? Dog ? You hog !
My thoughts are digital
But my mind is analog
In vogue with my natural instincts
In sync with
The opposite of scum bags and dim lit nit wits
Whoa !
Slow in the brain
I guess it's hard for them to sit and
Roll in this train
My team tweak on higher levels
RIP to my cousin !
That's right
We smash the status quo
You wanna threaten me ?
I got the Gladys – go !
She ain't no metaphor
We never met before
I ain't your average Joe Blow bro
Just get to know
I'm moving on another plain
You're limited by your chain
No wonder you're getting slain !


Now here's a little something that needs to be heard
Because he's so kind at heart they think he's easily scurrd
So this goes out to all the big bully cats
Who keep pushing him back
Until he's forced to react (x2)

[Verse II]
You're looking at me like I'm clinically insane
Like I'm stuck in the 90's
Like I'm fucked in the brain !
I know you think it's strange
That I'm still able to exist in this frequency range
This ain't no
“Classic shit”
“Wanna be hip”
“Get with the new times for relevance” ...
He said;
"You better quit while you're ahead
Mozart - or you going to write your own requiem in your bed!"

You talkin' to me ? x2

I'm like;

“Fuck you and your thoughts !
Who appointed you the judge in my court !”
Huh ?
“I've been writing this dramatic opera since 99'
While all these one hit wonders get left behind
I'm still here !”
Yeah !
Getting Swiss money like “oh yeah”
I look around for the haters and they ain't nowhere !
Yeah !
And the chicks love me like “oh yeah”
I stay in tune with my vision ‘cause it is so clear !

Knock 'em out the box Root !
Knock 'em out Words ! x3
Knock 'em out the box
Knock knock 'em out the box !

Track Name: The Same
The Same

[Verse I]

This an expression of pain
Face it
Hand bowled up in a fist
Wrist burning
Setting fire to the friendship basis
Too late to brace it
You misplaced the basics
In the end you're just a glitch in the matrix
I know it's also my fault though
I played it cool like
"Relax my love for you gon' grow"
Lets keep it slow
Time stretching while trying to frame the projection
A sel fish attitude that can only chain to rejection
Check it -
I guess I tried to warn ya
All my life pressures and stress
I didn't wanna put 'em on ya
I carry baggage heavy like the earth's core
You said you had my back
Now already you're like "Let's war" !
That's what you say
Or how you act anyway
From what I see
Your patience done run away
And fled
Like corrupt politicians whose greed can never be satis fied
But since you caught
Go ahead
Hide !


I feel the same !
We’re both part of the fall ...
We hit the wall
So don’t ever call me again .
Who is to blame ?
I’m still standing here tall ...
To me you’re small, insignificant, simple and plain !

I hear the bad vibes in your diction
I'm like;
Just pay for your rent
File for eviction
Stop your bitchin'-bitchin
To get rid of you I've been itching
You make me think that women only belong in the kitchen
I'm cheering on the competition
I want somebody who can fight better
Fight better
I want somebody I can like better
Like better
And hopefully it turns to love
But right about now you and I don't fit like the OJ glove !”



I'm not even trying to be nice with ya
I'm not even trying to do life with ya
I'm not even trying to be right with ya
I'm not even shifting the blame
I feel the same
Track Name: Blue Sapphire
[Verse 1]

Warning sign
Yellow tape
Broken state

Warning signs
Yellow tapes
Border lines
Broken states

Black listed
No rich shit
Raw slickness
Burning the court and the witness

Bring it down
Bring it down
Break it down
Break it down

Tear it down
Tear it down
Watch it drop to the ground

Picture this
Sick Sick
Sick Sick
Your reigns over
My brains sober

My brains sober
The flamethrower
Your reigns over
Pass the light to light it up like a Christmas tree !


I'm setting fire to the lairs
Watching the smoke from Babylon get higher !

I wanna feel the heat burning
Wanna see that cheat turning
In the Blue Sapphire !

The music set your soul on fire
With an amber glow from the bush that burn higher !

I wanna feel the heat burning
Wanna see that cheat turning
In the Blue Sapphire !

[Verse II]

Ring the alarm another sound is dying whoah hey ! x2

Brace yourself !
When you look in the mirror can you face yourself ?
Do you chase the wealth ?
Or do you chase the fame ?
Or do you chase the money ?
For me it's all the same !
I make it rain ...
Acid !
Dissolving all the plastic !
Light it up
Pass it !



Babylon is falling down, falling down, falling down !
Babylon is falling down !
My fair lady !

Track Name: Somdanger Freestyle feat. Robin Thirdfloor
Somdanger Freestyle feat. Robin Thirdfloor

First of all bless Madiba for the freedom
Buka sesenzani,just from passion and the dreaming
Buka sesenzani
From the thoughts that we were thinking
Taking it around the globe
From the kiddies on the road
To the dudes on tour
Believe in yourself
You gotta believe in your wealth
Isikhathi siyamasha
Wena ubizi uyalenale,uyadlala,uyadlala ,uyalala bakuqabela amanga

I'm ouchea living my best life
If you knew what I knew dawg you'd be having more sleepless nights
I'm more shut up mfethu
Put in the work
You more buka la while it ain't even that big
Your grind is on stand still
Like a treadmill
Umlazi got representer ohleli emazweni
Who used to phansi
Ehlonipha abangani
But people took advantage
Coz banjalo abangani

Skeem sama vandal
But I'm clean as a whistle
Still camera shy so I tell the media ima lapho
We are not the same ngeke ulunge I'm another one
On another one
Kill a verse while having fun
Asibhali masithanda
Asiyngeni masibanda
Run the city ngimile
Take my spot,ngi file
On the Thirdfloor uzongfica ngikulindile,moja
Track Name: Back off Me
Back off Me


I wanna have fun on this record
Name drop like the Game
Pack words in a millisecond
Pop like a flame that's hot
Throw shots at the lame
Put a stop to your reign
With my iron lung tongue full of crane
That's dope !


Get off my back !
Get off my back !
There ain't no rules to this game
Ain't got to do the saaaaaame
Get off my back !
Get off my back !
Ain't no rules to this game
So Imma stay up in my laaaaaaane

[Verse I]

I kung fu your panda
Out of the charts
If you ain't
Part of the clan you can't hang in these parts
What you think ?
You about to be extinct
Dodo so shallow gotta hit you with a low blow
Stick it where it don't glow
Like popo with night sticks
Your flow ain't righteous
Your show is lifeless
Get down to my style and sound
You can't bite this
I got the crown of King Midas
I diss bling prone
Wak trap
Anyone trying to step in my zone
I'm an ace when it comes to rap
You smoke base and mishandle gats
Your fan base pile of crap !
Hold up ! Hold up !
Hold that thought
Your self snitching ass about to get caught
And the sluttiest chicks the first to get bought !


Get off my back !
Get off my back !
There ain't no rules to this game
Ain’t got to do the saaaaaame
Get off my back !
Get off my back !
Ain't no rules to this game
So umma stay up in my laaaaaaane
Get off my back !
Back off me !
Get off my back !
Back off me !
Get off my back !
Get off my back !
Get off my back !
Back off me ! x2

[Verse II]

Is that your friend ?
Tell him I'm coming to wreck him
I'm so ready to check him
I was born for this
Yo what you reckon
He's so weak I don't even need to fight with a weapon
Half stepping
Forgive him
For the
Sins he record
Perpetrating the fraud
I ain't hating
It's odd that you keep sucking his rod
To each his own
I could have laid back focusing on beats at home
I delayed that decision to defeat some clones
Cause I was made with precision and my feats are known
I am the real McCoy
When the DJ play this record he’s not handling a toy !
Try to rail me off the road
You get chopped when I pass and go
I break check - make you crash and fold !
Now you see me
Now you don't
You might catch me strangulating Lil Yachty on a boat !

Track Name: Waumfwa


Alikwata umupashi uwamaka !

[Verse I]

Don't shoot !
Don't bust me !
These words will make a crooked cop cuff me !
The judge he don’t trust me !
He won't budge on a law thats so rusty !
Violent by design
Word to my Jedi mind
The lion inside
Is ready to pounce !
At less than an ounce of fear
You better run and hide
Bounce out of here !
The chemtrails in the atmosphere got you bugging
No wonder you can only think of thugging instead of tree hugging ...
Not to say I'm not the same
Only difference is I'm aware of the effects it has on my brain !
I got a bright idea ...
I'll share it with you here ...
Turn of all your electronics before we hit air !
No interference ...
I want the Gods to hear this !

[Verse II]
Don't rush !
Don't hush me !
These niggas are clowns just like Krusty !
Simpletons ...
I'm so fresh they so dusty !
Listen to 'em ...
They so soft
I flow gusty !

Violet by design
Word to my genetic line
No lies inclined
In honest amounts
Everything counts you hear ?!
I'm blinded by the truth
So fear has no place in here
The sound waves in the atmosphere got you loving
Break dancing or battling like it's the dozens
Huh !
I'm feeling the same
Getting high off the euphoria that's flooding my brain !

Break free ...
Your laws don't make me ...
I live inside this system but I'm free
So chase me ...
Chase me ...
I live inside this system but I'm free
So chase me ...
Break free !


Catch me if you can (x8)
Waumfwa (x10)
Isa kuno (x4)
Track Name: Diaspora

[Verse I]

I feel like
I'm running out of time
Losing my mind
I feel like
I'm getting left behind
Losing what's mine
I've exhausted all my options
Left or right
Right or wrong
And no longer proceed with caution
I'm lost in
An infinite darkness
Heartless !
Looking at this world ...
Thinking "why not depart this illusion ?"
This optical delusion
The illogical conclusion is I don't wanna live through this confusion
I'm losing !


It's bittersweet
Do or die is on my fucking mind !
Forgive me for my introspect
Forgive me for my eyes (x2)

[Verse II]

Walking forward by stepping back
Chasing the wind
All the while I keep getting lapped
Holding onto nothingness
I guess I've had enough of this
I wish to return to my ignorant bliss !
Gonna get myself up out of here
Gonna lift myself up out of here
There ain't no telling where I'm going (x2)
I'm out of energy
I envisioned my dream
And I chased it ...
Running-running till I'm out of gas
Hunting-hunting the demons of my past !
One by one I see them fall down
They used to be loud now they make no sound
Diminishing means I'm close to the finishing line
They're vanishing with the negative thoughts they left in my mind !


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